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Yes she is judging you

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Yikes! I'm usually the visual lady, not the word person.
I'll give it a go! Growing up, I was the creative type with an aversion to computers and technology. In college, I worked towards a fine arts degree, then found out quickly that it wasn't for me. In order to pay the bills, I worked retail for a while until we moved to SC. A friend introduced me to Visual Communications, and I thought, "oh wait that's me". So I faced my fear and returned to college in this tech field. I have been absolutely in love since. I'm ever-obsessed with great design, constantly critiquing billboards and logos daily. On a more personal note, I've been married to my best friend for 8 years and we currently live in Columbia, SC with our 3 fat cats.


My other cat
(she shared unapologetically)

My Interests

  • Mental Health & personal growth

  • Traveling & experiencing different cultures

  • Spending time with my nieces and nephew

  • Attempting to keep my plants alive 

  • Hiking & outdoor activities

  • Listening to Podcasts 

  • Cooking & baking

  • Attending Live music

  • Halloween

  • Breweries

  • Movies

  • Coffee

  • Cats (I love dogs too)

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In the Enneagram
world I'm a


The Companion

(my idol was also a 2w1)

Enneagram type twos with a one wing primarily identify as type twos, but also share characteristics of type ones.  They tend to be altruistic and purposeful in their behavior. They have the will to alleviate human suffering and are generally more quiet and reserved than other twos.

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My go-to
fun fact!


I have a twin

That's me

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